Gotham’s return!

Ok.. I just wanna talk about one of my favorite show’s Gotham. After a huge wait over the holiday break we finally got to see what happens to Jim Gordon after being moved to Arkham Asylum as a security guard. All I can say is that it was a very great way to start the second half of Gotham. The performances by Robin Lord Taylor, Ben Mckenzie, and the rest of the cast ( Camren, Jada, Donal, and Drew) were all top notch. This episode had a few funny parts as well, my favorite being when Harvey had stormed in the Asylum helping Jim with solving his case. They were just meant to be partners #TeamBordon

Now overall, it was a great episode probably one of the best so far…But what really pisses me off, IS THAT WE HAVE TO WAIT 2 WEEKS UNTIL THE NEXT GOTHAM EPISODE! Why?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? Ive done enough waiting ­čśŽ

Batman-Colorado-5There you happy? You made Batman cry…


Gotham Episode 2 *UPDATE*

Today, Gotham episode 2 is coming out and I cant wait! The first episode was thrilling and kept me thinking about what would happen next. During the episode 2 promo we see a sneak peek of  Selina Kyle (Young Catwoman) in cuffs as she is escorted to a police car.

Selina Kyle in cuffs
Selina Kyle in cuffs

This got me especially excited to see how she would get out of this, and how she got into it. But one thing i’m really interested in finding out is, what or who is she looking at? She must be looking at something or someone cause i know if i was in cuffs i wouldn’t be looking up in the sky. Also she really seems concerned…Cant wait!

The Penguin trying to catch a ride to Gotham
The Penguin trying to catch a ride back to gotham

In the promo we also see the penguin returning to Gotham! After Gordon told him to never come back, within less then an episode he is already on his way back. But i suppose he will not be the same. In the promo and ending scene of the first episode we see the penguin turn into a completely different person. A cold-blooded murderer. I wont spoil it all so make sure to tune in at 8pm ET on Fox!

* Ok I watched Gotham last night and oh boy it was a treat! Exceeding the pilot in all parts! Well, the highlight for me was Selina Kyle, maybe that’s why the episode is named “Selina Kyle”, but any ways i thought her performance was A+. She had a great role in the episode and the way she acted it out kept me interesting.

The flow of episode 2 was a lot like the pilot which i really like, cause most pilots are 10x different than the season. Also, at heart of the episode was a gritty crime drama, but what really surprised me was how they had multiple story lines going on at the same time, a little bit of villain, little bit of cop drama, then a small part of Bruce Wayne’s story while still all being woven into a great episode!


Yesterday one of my most anticipated show of this year came out. Gotham, a show taking place in the infamous city of Gotham where batman is known to live in and defend. But in this series, we take it back to the very day batman started. The day his parents died. On a quiet night in Gotham, after exiting a theater, Martha and Thomas Wayne were mugged and shot to death on crime alley, while their son Bruce watched.

Bruce standing next to his dead parents
Bruce standing next to his dead parents

Now you might be wondering how can there be a show without batman? Well, the answer is simple. There is no Batman. This show follows James Gordon a GCPD detective as he tries to free Gotham from its crime reputation, while solving the murders of the Wayne’s. As the show takes place well before our beloved Dark Knight, we get to take a look at our most favorite villains and their origin stories.


At the heart of the show it is a gritty crime drama, but with all the things we love about Gotham mixed into it. And the Pilot shines at showing this. With great crime lords, like Falcone and Fish Mooney, and a great lead like James Gordon had me interested through the whole 60 minutes. With a crime ruled city, James must deal with corruption and choosing to do the right thing. He will later find out you must do the wrong thing to do the right. The Pilot had a few flaws but was good enough to keep me wanting more, and Im sure it will only get better. Maybe this will soon become in my Nostalgic list…