Mid-Season/Season Finales this week! * SPOILERS*

This week was filled with many Finales to mark their holiday break. Wether it was a Mid-Season or Season finale, each of them were spectacular. Here are some of them.

The Flash

The first of the bunch to release it’s mid-season finale was the flash, and it was a Great start. In this episode called “the man in the yellow suit”, we can hint at that we see the killer of Barry’s mom, also known as Reverse Flash. This episode had all the great things about The Flash packed into one episode. ¬†Click here for Spoilers.


Now personally my favorite Mid-Season Finale of the week, is Arrow. As we get halfway into the third season, there is alot we have seen, but we haven’t seen everything. In this episode we finally see Ra’s Al Ghoul, the main villain in season 3, and he made a great impression. Certainly the most ruthless villain Arrow has ever faced. Certainly the best episode of the series imo… Just wait till the surprise at the end of the episode. Will surely make people want to come back. Click Here for Spoilers


*The Flash Mid-Season Finale Spoilers*

These are Spoilers Of The Flash Mid-Season Finale! Don’t click if you don’t wanna it be spoiled!

We start off the show with a brief moment of The Flash chasing Reverse Flash, this is very interesting because we notice that Reverse Flash is substantially faster. We then go back to the day before, and we see a break in by Reverse Flash on a scientists lab. In this scene we see just how ruthless Reverse Flash is… He gets past the guards but is un able to obtain what he wanted. Ill stop there so you can watch the rest yourself…it’s too good o explain. We see the return of Ronny, The Identity of Reverse Flash, oh and Barry finally tells iris his love for her. Top 3 best episode of the season so far, cant wait for the other half!

New DC show line up!

With a great fall lineup of DC Comic shows, they are already getting more shows to be added to the collection of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine. Some of the shows announced are SuperGirl, Titans, and Static Shock! Btw all of the shows listed are Live Action.


If you didnt know SuperGirl is Superman’s cousin! Much like an exact copy of Superman (Just female) Im not sure what the story will be about. But it is great to see more and more Female hero’s in the DC Universe getting some love!


Titans, well, ITS TEEN TITANS! Except… They are not teens. Which explains why they left out Teen. But I cant wait to see them back in action unlike the funny but disappointing Teen Titans Go!


And lastly, Static Shock! If you haven’t seen the original show (cartoon) then you have not lived! Although this is live action i’m sure it will be able to live up to expectation!

These will be a great collection to the already awesome shows coming out of DC Comics! Im seriously thinking DC Comics should have their own channel. But anyway, I can’t wait

Nostalgic Tv Season 1: Recap

After a month, I have made about 7 episodes about our favorite childhood shows. Shows that made us laugh. Shows that scared us. And shows that were just disturbing… Here we are going to Recap!


1. Teen Titans- The show that captured the awesomeness of being in a superhero team! The best part was that they were teens! A group of superhero teens, from DC Comics, out saving jump city from some of the best villains in cartoons!!! Sounds great to me ūüėÄ


2. Courage The Cowardly Dog- The show unlike any other. Maybe a first of its kind, was a horrifying thrill ride for kids, maybe too horrifying at times but thats what made the show so great. It was different from other shows which were usually happy, and cheerful. It had elements of fear and humor. Amazing!


3. Codename: Kids Next Door- A secret organization of highly skilled kids set to get rid of the adults tormenting towards other kids by using crazy weapons, fighting crazy villains, and having secret bases around the world such as the moon. Yes, sounds amazing right.


4. Avatar: The Last Airbender- A world filled with 4 nations, where there are people known as benders, who can control elements of their nation. Each nation was kept at peace by one person. The Avatar. The only person able to bend all four elements. But when the Avatar gets lost for 100 years, the Fire Nation invades and tries to conquer the other nations. In this show we see the Avatars struggle trying to regain peace and stop the fire nation, but he’s only a kid.


5. Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends- Certainly one of the more creative shows, we see a world where Imaginary friends are real, and live amongst the humans. Following a kid named Mac we see a Fosters Home… For Imaginary Friends. Here, all ¬† ¬†Imaginary friends who were either outgrown or abandoned end up here. We see the crazy adventures of Mac trying to keep his Imaginary friend.


6. Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy- This show falls in the category of disturbing… Within this show we follow two kids, and there servent, the Grim Reaper. We see Grim and the kids go through crazy adventures with Grim’s powers, and the crazy world they live in. Most episodes end up in a really weird, funny way. But that’s what made it so great, the weirdness and craziness!

Ed, Edd n Eddy: StarringAir Date: Premiere Date: Jan. 4, 1999ID: EEE1

7. Ed, Edd n’ Eddy- In this show we follow a group of friends called the Eds, including a con-artist, an inventor, and another kid up in cloud 9. We see these kids go through out there neighborhood, plotting different schemes each episode on their neighbors, which end up in fun and hilarious moments. No matter what they do, it will always fail, and is one of the great aspects of the show.

Well, there you have it! All 7 episodes so far. For more information about these shows just scroll down my blog page, and you’ll find it! Cant wait for shows to do next!

Nostalgic Tv Episode 6: Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

Although certainly one of the darker shows along with Courage the cowardly dog around the time, it had a mastered the technique of mixing both Humor and Darkness in the same show. At first glance, you can see the Grim Reaper, but its not what you may think.

Some art people drew, makes it seem 100x darker than it really is.
Some art people drew, makes it seem 100x darker than it really is.

In this show we see 2 kids named Billy and Mandy. Billy the irresponsible, immature, boy with thought to have the lowest IQ ever, and Mindy the crazed devilish child who is very arrogant and controlling. She is even feared by her parents!  When billy wins a limbo contest he is awarded with the Grim Reaper to forever be his slave. Although Grim has a vast amount of powers, he is forever under control of Billy and Mandy.

Billy and Mandy fighting over Grim.
Billy and Mandy fighting over Grim.

This brings them through different events each episode from an evil invisible duck to a talking human sized spider who thinks Billy is his father. Although there is no main villain, we see occurring problems throughout the series. Such as the Chaos apple, Fred Fred Burger, even the Boogeyman. Most problems are cause by Billy and Mandy’s miss use of Grim’s power or Grim’s past coming back to haunt him.


Even though these characters might seem scary and evil for a kid, its pretty humorous at times, making it a perfect mix of both genres. Some are darker than others, and some are the other way around. For example, Fred Fred Burger. This character is just plain humorous. What ever he does, puts a smile on any ones face.

Fred Fred Burger eating frozen yogurt, while he repeatedly getting brain freezes.
Fred Fred Burger eating frozen yogurt, while he repeatedly gets brain freezes.
One of Fred Fred Burgers most famed phrases.
One of Fred Fred Burgers most famed phrases.

With hundreds of humorous moments, there is still a sense of tension. You never know what’s gonna happen. But one thing I know is that it will be very very crazy. For example, when grim changes billy grade from an F to an A for a grade, he changes fate and reality is thrown off balance, so they must go back in time to stop himself from helping billy. Doesn’t sound crazy? How about this? Just a normal day when billy, mandy, and grim are abducted by cheese addicted aliens from the moon… Maybe the episode where Grim, Billy, and Many have to save christmas, as Santa has been bitten by a vampire. To save santa they need o find the head vampire, which turns out to be Ms. clause. I know, crazy right?

Just some of the weird scenes from the show
Just some of the weird scenes from the show


At the end of the day, this is a great show and recommend it to all. With its A+ humor, and great episodes. It’s a nice mix of craziness, darkness and just plain humor.

What i’m watching right now.

So with the fall season here, there is an abundance of new shows premiering  across multiple channels. But only a few caught my attention.

For the CW, I have been watching the newly debuted Flash. It’s on at 8pm Eastern Tuesday. It started with a bang, with a great pilot which taught us his whole origin story while still creating a universe around ¬†other shows like Arrow.That brings me to my next show, Arrow season 3, is my next show i watch and it’s on every week at 8pm Eastern on Wednesday on the same Channel. This season starts with a big surprise, and has us wondering what will happen. They seem like great counterpart shows both feeling like its own.

The Flash and The Arrow
The Flash and The Arrow

On Fox I have been watching Gotham of course. With a few episodes already delivered I am invested in this show. It’s a thrilling crime drama mixed with the greatest villains of all time. With James Gordon, we can see a side of Gotham we’ve never seen. It plays at 8pm Eastern on Monday.Gotham1-e1405561011797

On FX I watch American Horror Story each week, at 10pm Eastern every Wednesday. With a new theme, The Freak Show, there’s multiple ways to keep us horrified. Such as a killer clown. In this town you wouldn’t want to live in. With a corrupted circus, and the most disturbing acts you’ll ever see.

One of the scariest killer clowns i've ever seen
One of the scariest killer clowns i’ve ever seen

Lastly, on Comedy Central, the 17th season of South Park. I don’t have to explain this. The humor is back, and better than ever. Also, one thing i’ve noticed… The shows are continuos!!! Well, I don’t know the exact word, but meaning the effects of one episode follow into the next. One simple thing can change the future of the next episode!


Nostalgic Tv Episode 5: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

In this series we see a world where ¬†imaginary friends live side by side with humans. Just imagine that! the story is set in an orphanage for the outgrown or abandoned imaginary friends where they stay until adopted by another child. In the Foster’s universe, imaginary friends become real as soon as children think them up! It can be anything from a crazy bird to a spanish talking monster. Once the children outgrow them, the friends move to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends
The Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

When Mac is forced to abandon Bloo, his imaginary friend, Mac makes a deal with the workers at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends that they dont let Bloo get adopted as long as Mac visited daily. The episodes in the series are mainly about the crazy adventures Bloo, Mac, and all the other Imaginary Friends go through each day.

Just some of the vast amount of imaginary friends in the home.

For me most episodes ended up being like a cat and mouse chase. Maybe its just me, but i still loved it! The level of weirdness was always the funniest part. Such as the character named Cheese. One of the most insane characters I’ve seen in a cartoon show ( Beside Fred Fred Burger which you’ll see in a later post ). His lack of knowledge was hilarious, as he always ended up making awkward but funny situations. Here’s a picture of him…

Cheese drinking chocolate milk.
Cheese drinking chocolate milk.

This picture brings me to a new point. The art style! In this show we saw a very popular trend of art style in shows which is the art style much like samurai jack and the Flintstones. The art style makes it more interesting and appealing to look at (IMO) which most cartoons lack today. It blended right in with the show as it wasn’t in need of 100000 frames per second like action shows do. This show was more drama-based then an action but it had some of its intense action.

Mac's older brother out to to ruin his life.
Mac’s older brother out to to ruin his life.

The show, I feel, was built around drama. From brothers to evil imaginary friends, each had their own drama to add to the amount already in the show. My favorite episode being one of the most tensed moments, filled with drama of-course, the episode where Bloo is about to be adopted by a crazed 9 year-old (i think 9). Mac and Bloo try to find a way to get the crazed girl away, and what you get is a beautifully developed episode, making you cringe at the end of your seat. This show was a lot of fun to watch, and had characters and jokes I still remember today. Totally recommend.