Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long holiday break I am finally back 😀 Just wanted to let you guys know…


My christmas wish list!

Now that thanksgiving is over, it’s time for some holiday cheer. To celebrate the holidays i’m gonna list my Christmas wish list.

1) Money- Lots of money!

2) Games- Halo, and some others like GTA V on next-gen

3) Xbox Live- 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription

4) Clothes – Roman Atwood clothes, and some Batman Merch.

5) Laptop- A good laptop

DC movie news!

I know im a little late with this news, but I love movies as much as I love Tv shows. And when either of those things include DC, im all for it! So about 2 days ago, Warner Brothers has announced the full DC comics movie slate. Here they are.


– Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice ( March 25, 2016 )

– Suicide Squad ( August 5, 2016 )


– Wonder Woman ( June 23, 2017 )

– Justice League Part 1 ( November 17, 2017 )

2018 – The Flash ( March 23, 2018 )

– Aquaman ( July 27, 2018 )


– Shazam ( April 5, 2019 )

– Justice League Part 2 ( June 14, 2019 )

2020 – Cyborg ( April 3, 2020 )

– Green Lantern ( June 19, 2020 )

Although its a long way coming, I cant be more excited! Each year containing at least two DC Comics movies is a huge step up from 5 years ago. We were getting about two DC movies every 4-5 years. If this plan is a success, i believe they wll have caught up to Marvel in their Hugely Successful Marvel Cinematic Universe. A few reasons why I believe DC’s plan is much better than Marvel’s is because…

1. No connection to the Tv Universe. Unlike Marvel, DC will not be connecting their Tv series with their cinematic universe. This is smart because it gives the Tv directors and the Movie directors a lot more creative freedom because they dont have to think about how it affects the Tv show, and how the Tv show affects the Movie universe. It’s also better because, people dont have to keep in touch with every single show just to know whats going on. For example, The Flash tv show actor will not be the same as the movies actor because they don’t want to limit the directors creativity.

Second reason, is the Movie lineup. When Marvel created their cinematic universe they had started off with origin stories, then leaded up to a huge team up, but DC is doing the exact opposite. They are starting with a huge team up, then branching off into own character stories. I believe this is much better because you can introduce a character less known into the team up movie such as aquaman, and make him well known and popular. So when their own movie releases, many people will know the character and interested in him as he was popularized in previous films. Also announced was a stand alone Batman and Superman movie, but no release date. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated 😀

My VisionBoard

For my Mixed Media class, i was tasked with making a Vision Board. Your probably wondering why South Park would be on my vision board. Well let me break it down. For money… Well no explanation needed for that. College degree cause i want to get through college. Dog cause I love dogs. House cause I want a big house. Bat mobile because I love batman. Space because I want to travel. Skydiving because it looks thrilling. Movie because I love movies. South Park because I love television and south park is hilarious. And Food because I love food. I know its more of a what ILikeBoard (Corny) but its still nice. If you wanna make one you can go to