What i’m watching right now.

So with the fall season here, there is an abundance of new shows premiering  across multiple channels. But only a few caught my attention.

For the CW, I have been watching the newly debuted Flash. It’s on at 8pm Eastern Tuesday. It started with a bang, with a great pilot which taught us his whole origin story while still creating a universe around  other shows like Arrow.That brings me to my next show, Arrow season 3, is my next show i watch and it’s on every week at 8pm Eastern on Wednesday on the same Channel. This season starts with a big surprise, and has us wondering what will happen. They seem like great counterpart shows both feeling like its own.

The Flash and The Arrow
The Flash and The Arrow

On Fox I have been watching Gotham of course. With a few episodes already delivered I am invested in this show. It’s a thrilling crime drama mixed with the greatest villains of all time. With James Gordon, we can see a side of Gotham we’ve never seen. It plays at 8pm Eastern on Monday.Gotham1-e1405561011797

On FX I watch American Horror Story each week, at 10pm Eastern every Wednesday. With a new theme, The Freak Show, there’s multiple ways to keep us horrified. Such as a killer clown. In this town you wouldn’t want to live in. With a corrupted circus, and the most disturbing acts you’ll ever see.

One of the scariest killer clowns i've ever seen
One of the scariest killer clowns i’ve ever seen

Lastly, on Comedy Central, the 17th season of South Park. I don’t have to explain this. The humor is back, and better than ever. Also, one thing i’ve noticed… The shows are continuos!!! Well, I don’t know the exact word, but meaning the effects of one episode follow into the next. One simple thing can change the future of the next episode!



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