Nostalgic Tv Episode 5: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

In this series we see a world where  imaginary friends live side by side with humans. Just imagine that! the story is set in an orphanage for the outgrown or abandoned imaginary friends where they stay until adopted by another child. In the Foster’s universe, imaginary friends become real as soon as children think them up! It can be anything from a crazy bird to a spanish talking monster. Once the children outgrow them, the friends move to Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

The Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends
The Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

When Mac is forced to abandon Bloo, his imaginary friend, Mac makes a deal with the workers at Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends that they dont let Bloo get adopted as long as Mac visited daily. The episodes in the series are mainly about the crazy adventures Bloo, Mac, and all the other Imaginary Friends go through each day.

Just some of the vast amount of imaginary friends in the home.

For me most episodes ended up being like a cat and mouse chase. Maybe its just me, but i still loved it! The level of weirdness was always the funniest part. Such as the character named Cheese. One of the most insane characters I’ve seen in a cartoon show ( Beside Fred Fred Burger which you’ll see in a later post ). His lack of knowledge was hilarious, as he always ended up making awkward but funny situations. Here’s a picture of him…

Cheese drinking chocolate milk.
Cheese drinking chocolate milk.

This picture brings me to a new point. The art style! In this show we saw a very popular trend of art style in shows which is the art style much like samurai jack and the Flintstones. The art style makes it more interesting and appealing to look at (IMO) which most cartoons lack today. It blended right in with the show as it wasn’t in need of 100000 frames per second like action shows do. This show was more drama-based then an action but it had some of its intense action.

Mac's older brother out to to ruin his life.
Mac’s older brother out to to ruin his life.

The show, I feel, was built around drama. From brothers to evil imaginary friends, each had their own drama to add to the amount already in the show. My favorite episode being one of the most tensed moments, filled with drama of-course, the episode where Bloo is about to be adopted by a crazed 9 year-old (i think 9). Mac and Bloo try to find a way to get the crazed girl away, and what you get is a beautifully developed episode, making you cringe at the end of your seat. This show was a lot of fun to watch, and had characters and jokes I still remember today. Totally recommend.


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