Nostalgic Tv Episode 1: Teen Titans.

To start off the list is one of the best superhero themed show ever, maybe even the best. Teen Titans is a Tv show based on DC Comics characters known as Robin, Starfire, BeastBoy, Raven, and Cyborg.


The show first premiered back in 2003 and lasted till 2006. The show revolves around five teenagers with unique super powers out to save Jump City, with new challenges each day and a great cast of villains it had me interested for years. The story was also amazing, one of my favorite episodes was “Winner takes all”, an episode where all 5 teens and a group of heroes and villains are teleported to an arena to fight against each other in a tournament being controlled by the Master Of Games. The twist was whoever lost had been stripped of their soul and forever kept in the Master Of Games soul keeper jewels. This then turns into a fight for life or death and is one of the most spine tingling episodes, it still gives me shivers today.


One of the highlights of this show were the villians. They were so diversed and interesting, each one had me going nuts about how awesome they were! Some of the villians were Slade, also known as DeathStroke, who was the Arch nemesis of the Teen Titans and would do anything to kill them, such as manipulation and mind games. He was also a very skilled fighter. There was also the British Mad Mod. If you couldnt tell by his name, he was a British criminal inspired by 60’s england. He is just plain weird, which is why he’s awesome! There are whole bunch of more great villians throughout the show which make it so unique each episode. The episodes were awesome and each character was original and had a unique personality, which made the show very interesting.

Villains are great but who can forget the Titans, green skinned, shape shifting mutant Beast Boy, who can turn into any animal, extinct and all, who a goofy attitude and lazy/fun behavior. Starfire, a pretty red-headed alien girl who can fly and shoot bolts from her hands who is very naive and has limited knowledge on human culture, Cyborg who is half robot and can transform his arm into a cannon, as well as having brute strength, Raven, who is very reserved and mysterious, who uses dark energy and telekinesis to move levitate and throw objects, and of course Robin, the leader who uses gadgets and is a very skilled fighter.

Raven ( Purple hooded girl ) Beast Boy ( The green guy ) Cyborg ( The big robot thing  ) Robin ( Kid with R on his suit ) and Starfire ( The girl with red hair)
Raven ( Purple hooded girl ) Beast Boy ( The green guy ) Cyborg ( The big robot thing ) Robin ( Kid with R on his suit ) and Starfire ( The girl with red hair)

They are all pretty sarcastic and add lots of humor to the lighthearted show, which is probably why I fell in love with it. All the different characteristics had blended into the show perfectly. Teen Titans had some of the best voice actors as well, and the music was highly memorable and always stuck in my head.  Teen Titans dominated my entire childhood, and was one of the cartoons that I watched the most, as well as obsessed over the most. The show is just as good as I remember.


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